Ridley AgriProducts is the leading producer of high quality,high performance animal nutrition solutions in Australia using Australian grown cereals and grains to add value for farmers.

About AgriProducts

Ridley AgriProducts is the leading producer of high quality, high performance animal nutrition solutions in Australia. We manufacture a range of world-class, value adding solutions for the beef, dairy, pig, poultry, horse, sheep, pet food and aquaculture industries

Whether it is complete rations, mineral concentrates, nutritional blocks or supplements, these scientifically formulated products are developed by one of the most experienced technical teams in the Australian livestock industry. This experience ensures that optimal animal health and performance are delivered to our customers every time.

Using Australian grown cereal grains, Ridley AgriProducts works for farmers to add value to their animals and further increase their bottom line.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing consistent, palatable products based on cereal grains produced by Australian farmers. Our trained nutrition and technical team work one on one with producers to educate them on the latest feeding programs and create bulk and packaged feeding solutions that deliver high end products to the farming communities. Our attitude to market is straight forward, straight talking and honest. At Ridley AgriProducts we care as much about your animals as you do.